James Mattison - Brand Strategist & Creative Director – Dubai


James Mattison is a brand strategist and creative director based in Dubai

I am currently leading brand strategy as a partner and co-founder of the brand communications consulting firm, Magnia

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With 20 years involvement in the branding and marketing industry from a variety of perspectives – agencies, client-side and as an independent consultant – I have worked across a broad range of sectors including banking and financial services, real estate, retail, food and beverage, and, most recently, a large number of social enterprises and nonprofit organisations.


After ten years working as the creative director of a private investment firm that created and launched some of the world’s most successful privately-funded philanthropic organisations, I saw there was space to create a company dedicated to serving the branding and communications needs of organisations that do good. In 2021 I co-founded Magnia.


Magnia exists to help leaders of organisations that seek to make the world a better place by creating and implementing brand communication strategies that cut through the noise, secure donors and make teams more effective, so that together they can create greater impact.

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My passion is working strategically with social enterprises and nonprofit organisations to creatively and collaboratively solve brand challenges.


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